About us

Anointed H.U.R was established in November of 2020 in the state of South Carolina. As the owner, I spent years watching my children battle with eczema. Each visit, doctors would prescribe countless steroid medications that left their skin patchy and discolored. This served as the catalyst to finding a solution. After years of trial and error, Anointed H.U.R was solidified. Madam C.J. Walker, took us to another level. Glued to our TV screen, we watched a woman of color go above and beyond to provide haircare products and services to other melanated women. I was certain her products were great, but I was more intrigued with how she made people feel. This was the game changer. Not only did I want to make great products, I wanted to leave a lasting impression. Who would've thought that a simple documentary would compel us to go forth and birth this incredible business?

Anointed H.U.R, has a profound connection to a divine purpose. We understand that people are faced with real problems. Whether it be skin conditions or hair maintenance, we want to offer a real solution. 

Our products are 100% handmade and aim to embrace one’s natural beauty. We've made a decision to work on the root cause of our dilemmas, instead of concealing them. We are consciously building our brand on a sure foundation, by applying biblical principles to the mix. Honesty is one of our key ingredients—and by faith— we choose to uplift.  

Our mission is to unveil the beauty of those hidden things that lie beneath the surface. Ultimately, rejecting the many lies that society has projected.Your curls are not a curse. The idea that you need a wig or extensions to look "beautiful" should never be accepted. It is an outrage to our ancestors. Your skin is not the wrong complexion. Your melanin is truly an investment. The Omniscient One who designed us—made no mistake.  This message must be conveyed to the colored girls in our communities. While taking care of our bodies is important, we must first examine our motives. Who are we trying to please? Why are we not enough? Let's make it a point to nurture the miracles and blessings that the Lord bestows upon us each day. There is nothing wrong with being natural. 

This is a powerful and transformative journey that we embark on, and we are honored to share it with you. So let’s unveil the beauty of H.U.R with Him.